Once again overtaken by Walter the Farting Dog

port cover dec 29 jpgAnother chapter in my glorious march to writing success: If an Amazon customer searches books forpeace story for children,” my book about Queen Isabel of Portugal comes up (this morning anyway) at #35, three spaces behind . . . Walter the Farting Dog, by William Kotzwinkle.

Walter has long been a nemesis of mine — well, at least since December, when A Map came out. For some time his book came up in such a “peace story” search well ahead of mine; then Isabel dashed in front for awhile; now she has fallen behind again.

A Map and a Mule is a peace story because Isabel nipped at least one war and one battle in their buds, through diplomacy (which I don’t bore the kids with, don’t worry) and also by riding a mule onto a battlefield. And Walter the dog is an equally distinguished peacemaker, apparently.

You might ask: Does anyone really search “peace story for children”?  Yes, they do, judging by traffic to my other blog, my peace blog. Just ask Walter.

walter jpg


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