Soccer tournament of my search nations

search mapSometimes it strikes me that the nations of the searches that bring readers to my blog, as reported to me by WordPress, would make up a pretty good international soccer tournament.

Take this list from Thursday.  Eight countries, so two divisions of four. Each team will play the other three; top two in each then play each other — first finisher of each against second of the other division — to get to the final.

So with these eight nations, we would split Spain and the UK so they’re not in the same division, since, of these eight, they’re the two highest-ranked (although we’re assuming we’re doing it Olympic-style and having the UK play as the UK and not as England) (and it’s England, of course, and not the UK, which is ranked 6th in the world by FIFA right now).  Singapore and India would also be in different divisions, as the two weakest teams.  So we could have:

Group A: Spain, USA, Jamaica, Singapore

Group B: UK, Japan, Canada, India

You’d have to assume it would Spain/USA and 1 and 2 in their group, although you never know when the USA could slip up and allow Jamaica through.

Likewise in Group B, UK and Japan should finish 1-2, but Canada could have a good showing and get through.

Semifinal 1 would likely be Spain-Japan; 2, UK-USA; with a final of Spain-UK. The tournament could be played in South Africa, since they have the stadia still in place, and no team would have a home advantage — no team would even be from that continent (hey, don’t blame me – there’s nothing in this blog that should be keeping away folks from Africa).




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