The Haka! Beaches! Sunsets! My book cover!

port cover dec 29 jpgThe cover for my book A Map and a Mule was done by Miki de Goodaboom, an extremely prolific [redundant?] painter who is from France and now lives in Spain.  She has an English-language blog, with frequent updates; the current post is about a painting of New Zealand rugby players performing the haka. Other recent posts features landscapes, and also the story behind my book cover.

Her blog is worth a visit:

The post about my book cover explains how she removed some antennas from the original version of the painting, at my request; she had painted that town of Serpa, Portugal, just a couple years ago, whereas my book needed to show it as it would have looked in 1297.  That’s right — the Thirteenth-Century Portuguese were wireless before wireless was cool.

I find it striking that Serpa in 1297 might otherwise might have looked just as it does today.



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