New fan recognition level added for my readers: “Diamond Cabal of Cronies”

Announcing the restructured levels of support for my books:

1. “Friend of Eric” level
Readers who “like” the books on Facebook, and in general do not hide my posts
1.5 “Lifelong Associate in Triumph” with “Shared Suffering Cluster”
People who list and review on Goodreads

2. “Gold Medal Defender of the Revolution” level
Those who click the “tags” on Amazon, stick up for me in comments when angry readers make fun of me, etc.

3. “Platinum Denizen of the Round Table” level
Write good reviews on Amazon, tell their bookish cousins who have all the cats about my stuff

4. “Hero of the Republic Diamond Cabal of Cronies” level
People who have blogs and cover my books, or who strongarm friends with blogs into doing so; also, people who play soccer with me; and cantaloupe farmers

5. “Shining Standard of Nobility Five-Star Adept”
People from Cleveland

6. “Unparalleled Paragon of Pulchritude”
My wife



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