Forthcoming from Pannonius Books

Vikings On The Beach: Norse Settlements in Southern Italy, 998 – 1106 A.D. — Historian David Straithaird shares meticulous Eleventh Century records from a Viking colony on the Mediterranean which show how the Northerners succumbed to the relaxed atmosphere of the beach and nearly lost their identity; local women, for example, took advantage of the lowered guard of the Vikings to fleece them of their possessions, from their swords all the way up to their longboats. October 15.

Extreme BeaverScaping — Four rescued beavers submerge four acres of a Minnesota family’s farm with dams after the family takes them out of shelters subsequent to hunting and traffic accidents. Brian and Cindy Love Johnson, with their three children, rescued the beavers over the course of a year before realizing the massive change even one beaver could wreak on a rural area by felling trees and stopping up streams. The family perseveres despite the damage. By Brian and Cindy Love Johnson with Stan Whitfordson. November 1.

The Jackman Payout — Twenty-eight-year-old Constance Friedlyn found ninety thousand dollars in cash in an attache case “hidden” beneath a pedestrian bridge in Washington D.C.’s Battery Kemble Park in 2005.  Her attempt to do the honest thing and turn the money in to local police morphed into a capital-area farce as several anonymous organizations apparently became extremely nervous about the find and contacted her privately to convince her to claim it herself. This true story, complete with a car chase and nighttime meetings with shadowy contacts, will make anyone who has ever hoped to chance upon buried treasure think twice. Nonfiction by Ed Sanders. November 5.

Recently released — White Cedar Press, new fiction by Eric Timar:


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