Requesting cease-and-desist letter

NPR this morning reported that the Olympics organizers are zealously/jealously policing the use of their trademarks.

“This year, according to the USOC’s Lisa Baird, the enforcers are on high alert. You can’t use anything related to the Olympics if you haven’t paid for it.

” ‘You may not use any of our marks,’ she says. ‘You may not use our licensed footage. You may not use insinuation even to really convey that you might have a relationship with either the committee or the U.S. Olympic Team.’ ”

You’ve all heard of the club of knitters who were sent a cease-and-desist letter because they called an event of theirs the Ravelimpics. Very good, let’s move on.

As a test, I am using the Olympic rings in this post to see if anyone gets in touch to crack down. Now, you might object that no one with the Olympic Committee (or whoever it is) will care, because I am not trying to use the logo to sell anything; well, let me say that my books, for which you can find links above, are of Olympic, gold-medal quality.

(I’m sure I’m not the only blogger to whom this has occurred, by the way.)

Enforcers may get in touch with me via this link:



One thought on “Requesting cease-and-desist letter

  1. Hey Eric, thanks for the email.

    I was wondering if the IOC would get in touch with me about my use of the rings. I’ll let you know if they do.

    Actually, if the rings suddenly go and you DON’T hear from me, assume the worst.

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