Runestruck, Calvin Trillin

“If you liked Runestruck by Calvin Trillin, you’ll probably like my new book, Tales from the Boiler Room, a collection of short stories.”

This is what I told myself.  I am trying to think of how to find bloggers, and/or book reviewers, who might like my new collection of stories.  So I asked myself: What other existing books are sort of like this book?  Humorous, with – among other things – a bit of historical trivia which would appeal to a certain type of nerdy reader like myself?

Well, Runestruck is something like that.  So, I thought, it’s simple: I’ll look up Runestruck on Amazon, and I’ll look through the customer reviews.  Many reviewers use their own names, and they are proud to be in the “Top 500” reviewers or whatever, and I’ll bet some of them blog about what they’ve read.  If they’ve given Runestruck five stars, and I can track them down, I’ll send them my book.  Clever, right?

I quickly learned:

Runestruck has only one customer review on Amazon.  It is indeed a good review, but . . .

-The review is anonymous

-The review is from 2000

-The Amazon listing for Runestruck uses the wrong cover!!  [Update, 2012: It has the right cover, now.]

-In sum, Runestruck does not seem to have a huge crowd of fans out there to whom I can appeal.  And if no huge crowd of fans likes Runestruck, then, regarding my book, I can forecast that  . . .

Come on now, think positive.

Well, if nothing else, let me say: I enjoyed Runestruck.  I agree with the assessment of that brilliant Amazon reviewer, A Customer.

(The link to my own book is further down this page, all you Runestruck fans.)


3 thoughts on “Runestruck, Calvin Trillin

    • Thanks for the comment. There are a few excerpts on this blog, and I’ll write to you at your email with A Marvelous Offer. Eric

      • Great–looking forward to it.

        But here’s something weird: Amazon has the right cover, but another site,, has the one you mention–along with the same first, anonymous review on Amazon. ??

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