Excerpt from “Mr. Gordon,” and link

The kindle version of Tooth Man is now available on Amazon:


Excerpt from Mr. Gordon:

. . . The [garden] fence was necessary to keep out the marauding cows and horses in the town and I had talked to a young neighbor of mine, Elroy, about the construction of it.  I guess my own vision of such a fence was a modest rigging of barbed wire and slender posts.  Young, gangly Elroy’s vision seemed to be more like a Maginot Line, possibly with sandbags and razor wire.  I knew that bigger fence posts meant more work, and more money, and I could not believe cows would try very hard to get past barbed wire.  But Elroy was experienced, at the age of fourteen, and he warned of tomato-crazed cows smashing down fences; they were addicts who would charge like frenzied rhinos, mauling all obstacles, splintering logs, ripping away barbed wire like so much spider webbing as they bulldozed toward the vines.  I thought of a fence of barbed wire and tree limbs while Elroy contemplated searchlights and land mines.

“Why don’t people fence in their cows, anyway?” I asked Elroy.  He just shrugged.


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